About Us

Rijent Coin (RTC) is designed for the convenience, cost effective and time efficient usage among the peer-to-peer community. Traditionally, utility payment hubs operate either using fiat money or point system. It is a one way flow of the payment channel and you need local fiat currency for transaction. It is limit by geographical barrier and incurs substantial fees for cross borders payment.

Rijent Coin(RTC) is Indias First utility Token, enables people to make their Utility Bill Payments using the PAY App. RTC token has limited supply, used by thousands of people to trade, shopping and general usage, which delivers social impact and creates a new sustainable circular economy. It is a future open source blockchainbased cryptocurrency with fast transactions and low fees for next E-Commerce.

Rijent Coin’s objective is to encourage and assisting the conventional utility payment users to transform and/or upgrade to a cashless community. The world is going green and cryptocurrency has provided a smart, secure and convenience option for your daily usage. Rijent Coin is an Indian Token used by thousands of people to trade shopping and general usage every day

Why cryptocurrency?

Money, in and of itself, is nothing. It can be a shell, a metal coin, or a piece of paper with a historic image on it, but the value that people place on it has nothing to do with the physical value of the money.

Money is valuable merely because everyone knows everyone else will accept it as a form of payment.

The technology behind cryptocurrencies like the RTC i.e. the potential of the blockchain, that has a wide fascination in almost all layers of the population. Even if we are still in the early phase of crypto (r)evolution, the first blockchain-based business models will soon be successful in the mass market and restructure entire industries.

Every third person considers cryptocurrencies. Above all, independence from the monetary policy of the central banks, high returns and anonymity make digital currencies interesting for many